There are have four water-drop screen mobile phones,which belong to KXD mobile phone brand’s hottest full-screen mobile phone.especially KXD A9,which Innovatively bringing the mobile phone screen design to the extreme, the screen accounted for 89.25%, and set off a new wave in the field of full-screen mobile phones.However, this phone is not just a distinctive drop screen, but also have lots amazing new features. Today, lets take a look at the uniqueness of the KXD A9, and see how this full-screen water-screen phone is going?

The water drop screen of KXD A9’s retains the position of the front camera at the top, and Hidden sensors, earpieces, etc, thus further increasing the screen ratio.The KXD mobile phone is an inspiration found in nature. It is not just a straight line to deal with the position of the camera, but a water droplet shape that is about to fall on the edge of the blade. It is more flexible and natural.

Configuration aspect:

KXD A9 is equipped with 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM memory combination, these speeds are currently relatively fast! Although the processor is MKT6739, it is still very impressive in terms of overall performance.The daily applications including the game of playing the king’s glory, don’t really make a difference, because the processor’s capabilities are far beyond the hardware environment required by various apps.

Camera aspect:

Photography is a very important selling point at today’s mobile phones , many people choose mobile phones are pay more attention to photography. The KXD A9 with dual cameras, which are equipped with a 13MP Rear camera . The front 5MP camera and the F2.0 aperture can be beautiful and natural. In short, KXD A9 is a beautiful and practical full-screen water drop mobile phone, which is very cost-effective. The so-called high quality and low price is displayed on this device. I believe that you will be excited about this.

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