KXD W55—Low-End Smartphone with High-End Design

In May 2018, KXD released a low-end smartphone with high-end design and enhanced speaker, its name is KXD W55. The KXD W55 features a 5.5-inch display with up to 75% screen-to-body ratio. It is smaller than iPhone 8 Plus. And the whole body of W55 is based on ergonomic design. The round corners and smooth curves provide excellent holding experience. To avoid slipperiness and add more attraction to the back cover, KXD created metallic brush which makes the phone more stylish and beautiful. Moreover, there are 4 vibrant colors for W55—blue, red, gold and black.

KXD T55 In-Depth Introduction and Review

Moreover, KXD W55 features unexpected high-quality speaker. The size of the speaker is 30% bigger than the speaker on iPhone 8 and it has higher output power. The sound of KXD W55 is significantly louder than normal smartphone. And KXD Mobile optimized the frequency and developed surrounding audio effect for W55. Basically, the audio performance on W55 can even beat high-end phones. KXD W55 features MT6580 quad-core processor, IPS display, 5MP+5MP camera, 2500mAh high density battery, 1G RAM+8G ROM, micro SD card expansion and dual SIM support.

KXD W55 Price:

KXD W55 is INR4499 on Amazon. And you can get an INR200 coupon and the price will be only 4299. The promotion starts from Nov 15 to 22.

KXD W55 Review:

KXD W55 In-Depth Introduction and Review

About KXD:

KXD Mobile is a professional manufacturer from China. Our company has entered African market since 2008 and brought lots of high cost-performance mobile phones to customers. KXD wants to redefine smartphone for everyone. This time, they introduce an affordable smartphone with premium design. Get more information about KXD, please check our About KXD page.

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