KXD brand has a strong strength, determined to create easy to use, practical, high-quality mobile phone.
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April 19 2020

KXD mobile phone brand, belongs to Kenxinda Technology Ltd., which is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the integration of R&D, production and sales of mobile communication products and mobile intelligent terminal products, committed to become the most professional and the most influential international national communication enterprises.

KXD headquarters has an elite team of over 800 employees, which everyone has a reasonable knowledge structure, rich work experience and a strong sense of innovation. Among them, more than 300 employees constitute technical research and development team to give KXD strong support, it is an an elite team with capable of developing mobile phones, VR, intelligent robots, drones and other electronic products in the whole process, including design and development of product appearance, structure, motherboard, chip, hardware and software. In connection with customers, there are also more than 300 employees provide comprehensive quality service. They not only have professional market knowledge, excellent communication skills, fluent foreign language skills and expand the vision of international business, but also have a strong team cohesion and the ability of fighting with difficulties

From incubating a product concept as a start, to complete a perfect product with the ultimate user experience, all these are enough to illustrate the excellent research and development ability of KXD team. KXD brand focus on making mobile phones useful and practical, improving the quality and service, and maximizing the value consumers can experience. With the increasing globalization of Chinese manufacturing, after more than 10 years of development, KXD adjusts the company management strategy, strengthens the internal management, establishes the modernized enterprise management mechanism and the brand operation systems, based on the domestic and foreign market, looking forward to the world, creates the diversification international brand.

KXD brand phones position themselves as high cost-effective phones, focus on developing countries with large populations, try to establish ourselves as a leading brand with international influence with using high cost-effective, high-quality and perfect use experience products and considerate after-sales service. In market positioning, to expand huge market in the large population base of developing countries, KXD has operated their business over more than 60 countries around the world in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Americas, and continue to increase and expand.