Take stunning pictures with the KXD W41

Recently, KXD Mobile, the company focusing on budget smartphones with great user experience, disrupted the ultra entry-level smartphone market with its brand new W41, with a slogan “compact wonder”. As an ultra entry-level smartphone, the cameras on the KXD W41 cannot compete with the high-end ones, but its cameras still pack a punch. Let’s check them out.


The KXD W41 features a 2MP rear camera with F2.2 large aperture and 4P lens for taking brighter and sharper pictures. Its software features include panorama, burst mode, and live filters, making every photo a joy to share.

As you can see from the sample images, the scenery photos are sharp, and portraits present nature skin tones. It offers a snappy photography experience with fast auto-focus and almost zero shutter lag. We were not expecting a lot when it comes to image quality since the KXD W41 is an ultra entry-level smartphone but we were surprised by the sharp and highly-detailed photos with punchy colors it took in bright conditions. We believe he KXD W41 will perfectly capture all the wonderful moments of your life.

W41 has a 0.3MP front camera with a soft light front LED flash, and has software features including live beauty selfie and selfie countdown timer. Taking better selfies in all conditions.


With good lighting, the KXD W41 can take stunning selfies with nature skin tones despite the low megapixel count. It struggles in low light, but that is totally acceptable for its price tag. Overall, the KXD W41 has a decent front shooter that is easy to use and delivers great results.

The KXD W41 will be released very soon, please stay tuned and visit KXD Mobile official website kxdmobiles.com for more information!

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