Why KXD smartphones offer longer battery life

Silicon manufacturer MediaTek just ran a new smartphone survey of users in the United States with Qualtrics. While the results of the survey display some predictable statistics, there are some notable bits of data.

The most interesting result centers on the one thing which unites all age groups when it comes to smartphones: battery life. According to the survey, battery life ranked as the most important feature for smartphones, illustrating the need for power-efficient chipsets that enable consumers to enjoy their devices for longer in between charges.

Why KXD smartphones offer longer battery life

As a company with more than ten years of expertise in the phone industry, KXD Mobile knows the crucial importance of battery life for modern smartphones. All KXD smartphones are equipped with large size battery and advanced battery saving technology to deliver all-day or even two-day battery life which receives waves of acclaim for the outstanding battery life. Wonder why KXD smartphones offer longer battery life than competitors? Let’s take an in-depth look.

First and for most, packing a large battery into a slim body of is no easy task. Our engineers worked so hard to optimize the inner structure of the phone to make more room for bigger battery while keeping the overall thickness down. For example, the slim flagship KXD K30 has a large 3000mAh battery inside its thin 8.5mm body. How? Thanks to a Li-Po battery with a high density, the space it needs is much smaller than regular 3000mAh batteries. This battery also features 600 battery cycles which means it can still retain 80% of the rated capacity after 600 full charge/recharge cycles.

Why KXD smartphones offer longer battery life

Secondly, software optimization is of equal importance to hardware when it comes to battery life. KXD Mobile has spent years of research on power efficiency including hardware-software tuning, software optimization, radio optimization and more. For example, the system for all KXD smartphones, the KXD OS, includes features like Intelligent Job Scheduling, Doze and App Standby, and a bunch of power management restrictions to deliver longer battery life.

Last but not least, selecting high-efficiency components is crucial for longer battery life. The KXD K30 is powered by MT6750, a high-efficiency and powerful octa-core processor, with LPDDR3(Low Power DDR3) memory for more power, but less battery drain.

KXD K30 mobile phone



There are the secrets behind the long-lasting battery of KXD smartphone. Want to know about KXD’s latest technology? Stay tuned for more! And if you want to buy a large battery smartphone, you can check this guide: Which Phone Has the Best Battery Life 2018?

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