Best Budget Android Mobile Smartphone 2018

Many new smartphones were released in 2018 by each mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Their smartphone’s design, performance, hardware or others are really very good, but the price is also very expensive, if you are looking for a low budget smartphone, those brands’ mobile phones are not good choice. Though they have many budget phoneswere released, but there are too more to choose, and with their brand influence, your smartphone may not good value for money, so how to choose a best budget smartphone in 2019? KXD will give you a all-round buying guide for budget android smartphone. We’ve collected seven excellent budget phones for you to choose from, we’ve also included some handy buying advice to help you find the best cheap smartphone for you.

How to choose the best low budget android phones?

As we know, most mobile phone’s flagship smartphones are the best, they’re lightning fast, well designed, and offer a ton of extra features. But they come at a cost, and that cost is a lot of money. If you choose KXD flagship smartphones, this is not a case, KXD is a budget mobile phone brand. There’s a bit of a trend forming in the budget smartphone space. KXD is dominating almost every price point at the moment. If you’re looking for an alternative to one of those expensive handsets or the best smartphone for kids, for example – KXD got you covered.

KXD don’t scrimp on hardware, design, or features. We’re only recommending the cheap smartphones we’d be happy to use. We think just because you’re paying less, doesn’t mean you should have a phone that feels cheap. Here we list 7 best budget smartphone 2019 for you! By the way, if you want to get a good case for your phone, this lukecase is a good choice.

KXD budget mobile phones: KXD K10

kxd k10

The KXD K10 is a stunning budget smartphone. The camera is perfect for lighter wallets – the quality of images are amazing for a phone this cheap – the design is fabulous, with an 18:9 display, 3300mAh large battery mobile phone, 13MP+5MP camera, fingerprint and 32GB ROM+3GB RAM. The KXD K10 is the very definition of the budget smartphone and, at this price, there’s simply nothing better. K10 has rose, golden, black, blue four colors for choose, you can choose your favorite color smartphone.


  • Full screen, attractive in both appearance and functions
  • Exclusive design, real comfort
  • Light wtaistline, stunning touch feeling
  • Highlighted image quality
  • Big Pixel technology explanation
  • Multi-frame processing and no blurs
  • Fingerprinting, as fast as 0.1 seconds.
  • A good screen, a good color
  • Strong performance, smoother play
  • Octa-Core  Enjoy the experience
  • 3300mAh big capacity battery

Read our KXD K10 Full Screen Premium Flagship SmartPhone Review for more details.

KXD budget mobile phones: KXD K30

kxd k30

KXD K30 is much more feature-packed than the lot of them, with an 5.7 inch 18:9 HD full screen, Octa-Core Processor 4G LTE, 3GB RAM 32GB ROM. And that’s not all, the KXD K30 Lite’s 8MP+2MP dual rear camera mobile phone is excellent, capturing crisp well-defined details for your Instagram vanity shots. And the 3000mAh battery into the slim body of the K30, and with our battery saving optimization, you will never have to worry about charging and just enjoy your on-the-go lifestyle.


  • New 5.7 inch 18:9 all screen IPS display with RawColor tech,
  • Superb craft and extraordinary design,
  • 8MP+2MP dual rear camera, snap your masterpiece
  • MTK MT6750 octa-core processor give you powerful performance and faster response
  • Fingerprint scanner, instant unlock
  • 3300mAh all-day big battery mobile phone, long battery life

KXD budget mobile phones: KXD T50

KXD T50 mobile phone

KXD T50 uses an 18:9 FHD+ Ultra-wide field of view with a screen size of 5 inches mobile phones. Besides, we also have designed a more special interactive mode for this screen. With a18:9 screen design, your horizon has become even wider. 8mp+2mp dual camera, you can enjoy pure photography, share your selfies to the rest of the world. KXD T50 with a much better camera and a fingerprint reader, too. The 2000mAh battery life is a tad short,  but performance is decent enough for a phone at this price. The KXD T50 is so dirt cheap that it’s almost impossible to pass up.


  • 5 inches 18:9 full HD Screen display and ultra-wide field of view with more popularity
  • 8mp+2mp dual camera, enjoy pure photography, share your selfies to the rest of the world
  • Large memory, running fast, Smart photo mode, reveal your beauty in every perspective
  • ECO Energy Saving Engine: 2000mAh Large Battery + Dual Engine Flash Charge
  • WiFi+ Enjoy smart life and enjoy wireless experience

KXD budget mobile phones: KXD T55

KXD T55 nobile phone


KXD T55 is an impressive budget phone in its own right, it is a 5.5inch mobile phone which  manages to pack in a massive 18:9 Full HD+ display, with an impressive 2500mAh battery life and a design that looks like you’ve paid twice, or maybe even three, times as much for. The 5MP primary dual rear camera it’s not quite as adept at photography, but if you aren’t an avid selfie-snapper, the KXD T55 offers tremendous value for money. 


  • The 5.5 inch 18:9 full screen display provide bigger vision
  • 5MP + 2 MP dual rear cameras, never miss a shot
  • Perfect selfies, AI powered
  • Image signal processor, the nrain behind cameras
  • Fingerprint scanner, instant unlock
  • Highly efficient SC9832E quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM give you fluent experience
  • Vanilla OS, pure experience

KXD budget mobile phones: KXD W50

KXD W50 mobile phone

KXD W50 is powered by a fast and efficient quad-core processor running at 1.3GHz with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, delivering smooth experience for everyday use. What’s best is that the 5.0 inch 16:9 display is a perfect balance for you to look at, and hold. It adopts IPS technology which enables wider viewing angle and crisper images. W50 features two micro SIM slots and a microSD card slot for expansion of up to 64GB. So stay connected on worldwide 3G network and never worry about running out of storage. KXD W50 is the latest budget smartphone is as worthy of an entry as its many other handsets. It’s well-priced and edges out from the rest in key areas such as display and performance.


  • A Perfect 5.0 inch 16:9 Screen
  • Four colors mobile phones: red, blue, gold and black
  • 5MP rear and 2MP front camera provide perfect selfies and stunning photos everytime
  • Quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM Improved Efficiency Enhanced Experience
  • 2100 mAh High Density and High Safety All-Day long battery life mobile phone
  • Upgraded Sound, Loud and crystal clear
  • Dual SIM and KXD OS

KXD budget mobile phones: KXD W55 


The KXD W55 is a superb choice provided you can find one in the India that is. KXD W55 is a metallic brushed metal texture smartphone, the 5.5 inch 16:9 display of the W55 is bright and vibrant, 2500 mAh All day big long life battery support 12 days standby time, 20 hours talk time, 120 hours music playback, 6 hours video playback; W55 is powered by a fast and efficient quad-core processor, with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, delivering smooth experience for everyday use. 


  • 5 inch 16:9 bigger screen provide bright view
  • Brushed metal back, your metallic style
  • 2500 mAh all day big and long life battery
  • Quad-core processor, with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM
  • 5MP rear camera + 2MP front camera, shoot clearer photos
  • Upgraded sound, loud and crystal clear
  • Dual SIM full and KXD OS

Read our KXD W55 In-Depth Introduction and Review for more details

KXD budget mobile phones: KXD Y20


KXD Y20 is a full screen mobile phone, it is equipped with a whopping 3,600mAh battery, the Y20 can last, on average, for about a full day of extensive use. support 14 Days standby time, 22 Hours talk time, 140 Hours music playback on a single charge. KXD Y20’s Li-Po battery provides up to a high density of 650 Wh/L, 35% higher than common ones. It also features 600 battery cycles which means it can still retain 80% of the rated capacity after 600 full charge/recharge cycles. The KXD Y20 packs a small but powerful and fast and efficient octa-core processor, and equipped with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, outperforms it’s predecessor by up to 40%, delivering smooth experience.

Another major draw lies in the phone’s outstanding picture quality. The KXD Y20 features a 5MP front camera and a dual rear camera with 8MP+2MP, with a 6-inch display occupies almost the entire front. With 18:9 ultra wide aspect ratio, 144×720 HD + IPS super clear & wide viewing angle and RawColor display enhancement technology. By squeezing a 18:9 full screen into the body and slimming down the bezels, we created a 6 inch phone with a handfeel of a 5.5-incher. Even though the Y20 is featured for best battery, it’s certainly not the phone’s only pro. The display and camera are very good of the low budget mobile phones.


  • 6.0 inch 18:9 full screen display
  • Metal Construction Beautifully Crafted
  • 8MP+ 2MP Dual Rear Cameras and 5MP front camera, Capture Perfection
  • Octa-core processor 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, high efficiency and smooth experience
  • Fingerprint sensor and face unlock, Two ways to unlock
  • 3600mAh All-Day best battery mobile smartphone
  • Extraordinary Speaker and KXD OS


Which one do like best? You can leave your comments here, thanks!

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