KXD S60X rugged smartphone

When buying a rugged smartphone, we look for solid build quality, brilliant screen, large battery, great cameras and so on. But only a few pay close attention to the audio experience of a phone. A great sound experience makes your movie more immersive, music more enjoyable, and of course ringtones louder and clearer, which, is even more important for outdoor activities.

Although all smartphones have the speaker but not all of them are created equal. It is hardware specs and software tuning that makes a difference. As a global smartphone brand that integrates R&D, production and sales, KXD Mobile incorporates the feedback of our customers with creative thinking into our product development to create better products for the masses. KXD Mobile always puts user experience first which includes audio experience. The recently-released S60X is another perfect example of bringing superb audio experience into a rugged smartphone.

KXD S60X rugged smartphone

KXD S60X puts a larger soundbox inside its body. It is 25% larger than previous ones. You may say the idea is simple, but it just works. Also thanks to the carefully designed speaker grills, the sound output of the S60X is not only loud, but also crystal clear. You can comfortably watch movies on the KXD S60X in a noisy environment, with the volume to help the dialogue really cut through background chatter. Or, simply forget about your Bluetooth speakers and just play your favorite songs on the KXD S60X.

KXD S60X rugged smartphone

KXD S60X also offers USB Type-C and Bluetooth support for you to enjoy hi-fidelity sound. A powerful amplifier and high quality components laid a great foundation for a great audio performance, while profession tuning gives a vivid touch on the sound output of the KXD S60X. A sound profile with profound depth and rich favor. Clean and robust Bluetooth connection adds great convenience for your music life on the go.

KXD S60X rugged smartphone

Buying a cheap smartphone no longer means losing out on audio experience with the KXD S60X, which brings a superb audio experience way beyond its price range. A true rugged king with great overall user experience for you to see wilder and play harder!

The KXD S60X will be released very soon, please stay tuned and visit KXD Mobile official website kxdmobiles.com for more information!

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