18:9 aspect ratio screens on phones are going to be big this year with almost every manufacturer on board with the new format. Full screen display mobile phone provide nig Display, small size, improved multitaskin, enhanced content consumption, optimised for virtual reality and a rational decision. If you want to find a full screen HD display mobile phone with cheap price, you can choose KXD.

KXD has released 6 full hd display mobile phones in 2018, they are KXD K10, KXD K30, KXD T50, KXD T55, KXD W55 and KXD Y20, and they have promised to be the most exciting KXD phones in 2018, due to the unusual way they have of maintaining the full screen look synonymous with the KXD Mix range, and some incredible world-first technology. Now you can check our full screen mobile phone below!