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Unplug and re-plug the data line, charge the phone for about 15mins, press the “Power” button. Long-press of “Power” button and lower volume button for about 8 seconds, click “restart the mobile phone” after entering “Recovery” mode. If the problem can’t be solved via this method, bring your phone to the local customer service center for testing.

If mobile phone crash occurs while using, forced shutdown the mobile phone, then long-press the power button again to see if it can be turned on. If not, bring your invoices, warranty card and mobile phones to the closest KXD customer service center for testing. If the phone can be turned on, we recommend the following:

1, the mobile phone screen has a bad film, it is recommended to cancel the film attempt;

2. Some mobile phones do not come with software compatibility issues. It is recommended to uninstall them.

3, when using non-original charger, please replace the original charger for mobile phone;

4, the phone in the pocket friction, static electricity caused by touch failure, it is recommended to try to operate over time;

5, mobile phone screen is wet or there is liquid, water, use a clean rag to wipe the liquid on the phone screen, water, touch operation;

6, backup mobile data (phone number, SMS, install software, photos, etc.), restore the phone factory settings (desktop settings icon – conventional – system – more) or brush machine solution.

If none of the above methods solve your problem, please bring your purchase invoice, warranty card and mobile phone to the nearest EL Customer Service Center for testing.

Mobile phone standby power consumption is fast

When the mobile phone is in standby, the basic module (screen, CPU, etc.) will also consume a small amount of power to ensure that the phone is running. If the power consumption of the mobile phone in standby mode is too high, you can:

1, a key to clean up, close the background program;

2. Check whether to download the third-party software, since the background, you can uninstall the software downloaded before the standby power consumption.

If you do the above operation, the problem still exists. Please bring your purchase invoice, warranty card, and mobile phone to the EL Customer Service Center for testing. This is done by a professional engineer.

Reasons for short standby time of mobile phones and their solutions

1, smart machine power consumption compared to the functional machine will be relatively faster, smart machine normal standby is generally about 2 days (specifically, depending on the individual use conditions);

2. Running a certain amount of applications in the background during standby will speed up power consumption.

3, the power-consumption function is not closed in time, such as WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth, can not connect after opening, has been in the search connection state, resulting in shorter standby time, it is recommended to turn off when standby;

4. After downloading and installing third-party software or updating a certain software, the power consumption is rapidly reduced, and the standby time becomes shorter. It is recommended to uninstall such software;

5, the use of firmware versions such as the beta version is not stable, it is recommended to back up the phone data to restore factory settings or brush processing.

The above method can not be solved, please backup your mobile phone data, bring your mobile phone, invoice, warranty card to the local EL customer service center for testing.

If you don’t respond to pressing a button on your phone or press some buttons and you get unexpected results, try the following solutions.

Power button, volume button and other physical buttons

Press the phone’s power button to turn off or wake the phone screen, press the volume key to adjust the volume. In the operation of these keys failure

• restart cellphone

• Remove all protective films and protective shells that may interfere with the use of keys

• Check for any debris or dirt around the relevant button or switch, then clean it with a soft cloth

If the use of the button is still abnormal, you may need to send the phone to the service center for repair. In order to solve your problem as soon as possible, you can book service center time in advance.


HOME button, return button and other buttons

When the HOME key on the screen is pressed, the mobile phone will return to the home screen; press the return key to return to the previous page; the menu key can view the current running application of the mobile phone. If your phone malfunctions while operating the buttons on these screens, or works intermittently, there may be the following reasons.

• With the tempered film, you can remove the tempered film and try again.

• Affected by third-party programs, uninstall the application that was downloaded or upgraded before this situation occurs.

• System failure, you can go to EL official website, download the firmware package, reinstall the system to the phone.

After the above situation is eliminated, if the use of the button is still abnormal, you may need to send the mobile phone to the service center. Our staff will assist you in processing.

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