As is known to all, the smart phone products have developed rapidly in the two past years, the mobile phone gradually become large screen, at the same time, the size proportion of mobile phone screen is also increasing. To provide users the high quality sense of use larger screen,  Apple Inc, took the lead in adopting and launching the design of notch screen, then water drop screen, pearl screen, etc. have emerged, but there are still plenty of phones with traditional full screen. In all of these products, KXD designed and launched an excellent mobile phone with water drop screen, KXD A1, which can make the user feel great perfect.

KXD A1, the cheapest water drop screen mobile phone from KXD brand, let’s have a detailed understanding of the functions and introduction of it.

In appearance, KXD A1 adopts the design solution of water drop screen, with using 5.7 inch home screen, ratio of height to width is 19:9, hence the screen size proportion is up to 89%. To provide you with a rich and colorful indoor and outdoor experience, Sunlight mode 2.0 can provide high clarity in bright light, also can intelligently adjust the brightness according to sun’s rays. The screen material is LCD, which is better option for human eyes. As you know, LCD has high brightness and more realistic color restore, and there is no screen flicker problem, which making you enjoy more comfortable watching fun, whether at noon or late at night.

In configuration, KXD A1 embedded with a dual rear camera, and up to 5-megapixel photo level, which can take better pictures for you. With dual LED flash and ultra-fast autofocus, it can capture the perfect moment and natural portrait even in dim environments. The front-facing camera also has a wide angle camera with 5-megapixel, so you can add more friends to your selfies.

KXD A1 is equipped with MediaTek MTK6580 chip, powered by an efficient quad-core processor.

With using 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM, it makes this mobile phone has amazing performance and a smooth experience. In this case, CPU single-core performance improved by 35% and power consumption decreased by 10%, whether you are playing games or taking photos, we ensure it will make you feel great satisfaction.

In battery life, KXD A1 has a built-in 2,500mAh battery, its lithium battery density reaches 650 Wh/L, which is 35% higher than normal lithium batteries. At the same time, KXD A1 also has 600 battery cycles, which means it can retain 80% of its rated capacity after 600 full charge/charge cycles.

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