KXD K10 Full Screen Premium Flagship SmartPhone Review

2018 was a great year for KXD, In India, the KXD’s biggest market outside of China, KXD became the biggest budget smartphone vendor towards the end of the year. And KXD Celebrates a Successful Q3 for Indian Market with Clients in last week. And KXD has released about 7 mobile smartphones in 2018, and the KXD K10 is the the Chinese OEM aims to continue that momentum at the top. Now let’s know more about KXD K10.


KXD K10 is a premium flagship full screen display mobile phone, at first glance, the K10 looks identical to the KXD Y20. Both of them are come with full screen, dual camera, back fingerprint unlocking; KXD K10 taller display takes much of the front with minimum bezels on the top and bottom and thin edges on the sides. The device fits just fine in the palm and one-handed usage isn’t much of an issue.

KXD K10 design KXD K10 design
KXD K10 design KXD K10 design

K10’s metal unibody is precision machined from a single slab of aviation grade aluminum. And with nano-injection molding technology, we are able to create an ultra-thin design with a satisfying, solid build which exudes premium. 

For some, the design of KXD K10 will be boring, there’s nothing new or revolutionary, of course, but KXD is a low budget smartphone which come with such specifications is valuable. KXD smartphone’s design doesn’t chooses attempting something new or outlandish and there are three colors: Black, Blue, and Rose Gold for choose.


KXD K10 is a full screen premium flagship for KXD mobile smartphone, so one of the key highlights of the KXD K10 is its full screen display. KXD adopts the latest trend of displays with 18:9 aspect ratio. Almost 90 percent of the front is occupied by a 18:9 ratio 6.0 display which brings infinite visual experience, with swipe gestures everything just feels like a breeze on our K10.

KXD K10 display

The K10 sports a 6-inch Full HD+ IPS display and 1440×720 HD+ high resolution, the In-Cell Technology make the smartphone thinner and lighter. By squeezing a 18:9 full screen into the body and slimming down the bezels, KXD created a 6 inch mobile phone with a handfeel of a 5.5-incher. The K10’s display is bright, and the colors are quite vivid with deep contrasts. The text and images are sharp and the color accuracy is first-rate. The display is a tad reflective, although the viewing angles are great. Overall, it’s an excellent display for a budget smartphone.


KXD K10 full sceen display

KXD still think LCD is a better choice for the human eyes. It has high brightness, more true-to-life color reproduction, and has no screen flickering. Whether it’s high noon or late night, you will have a comfortable viewing pleasure on our K10’s display.


KXD K10 processor

K10 is powered by an octa-core processor, and equipped with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, delivering amazing performance for even the most intensive tasks. The KXD K10 was able to handle almost everything you threw at it. There was no lag switching between apps and while multi-tabbed browsing. A slight performance degradation is expected with the 3 GB variant, but nothing that could be a showstopper. Multi-tasking on the KXD K10 is a breeze, and it can handle graphic-intensive games without breaking a sweat.


The K10 is a large battery mobile phone which packs in a 3300 mAh large Li-Po battery. Its Li-Po battery with a high density of 650 Wh/L, we managed to make the body of K10 thinner. This battery also features 600 battery cycles which means it can still retain 80% of the rated capacity after 600 full charge/recharge cycles. With a high capacity 3300mAh battery and our own battery saving technology, our K10 can confidently last a full day of medium-to-heavy use without charging.

We were able to squeeze in 11 days standby time – 16 hours talk time – 120 hours music playback in our continuous video playback test. Even more important in smartphones with large battery capacity. It takes over two hours to charge the phone from zero to 100% using the supplied charger(5V 1.5A official charger). It may be worth buying a faster charger if this is important to you.


  • Network: K10 features 2 + 1 card slots for dual nano SIM cards and microSD expansion of up to 64GB; up to 150Mbps download and volte support might vary depending on carriers, stay connected on worldwide 4G network and never worry about running out of storage.

KXD K10 dual SIM cards

  • Sounds Good Inside and Out: By implementing the latest sound box technology and adding a powerful amplifier, the sound output of our K10 is not just how loud the sound is – it has a depth and a rich overall sound profile as well.
  • Two Ways to Unlock: K10 features two super fast ways to unlock your phone, rear fingerprint sensor and face unlock, all in a speed of up to 0.3 seconds.

KXD K10 Unlock


The K10 uses two rear cameras, a 8MP main camera and a 2MP secondary camera, with F2.0 large aperture and super fast auto-focus, transforming every photo into a masterpiece. In well-lit conditions, it manages to take some great landscape shots. When shooting close-ups of objects or macro shots too, the color reproduction is quite good and there are plenty of details.

KXD K10 Rear Camera

A wide angle 5MP front camera so you can add more friends into your selfies. With years of experience accumulated in photography algorithm, this front shooter will be your private fashion consultant and understands the beauty of you, surprisingly, even more than yourself.

KXD K10 front Camera


The KXD K10 runs the latest KXD OS. The KXD OS is based on Android 8.1 with custom UI and several handful additional features. No bloatware, pure experience.

KXD OS,Pure Experience

Get the price and where to buy

The KXD K10’s price is very cheap, you can buy them from online store or local stores, you can find the nearby store at where to buy, any other questions please contact us. K10 is a well-rounded package that one wouldn’t hesitate to recommend – especially if you needs a big screen and long battery life smartphone. Packed in a neat chassis, the smartphone performs great and is a compelling smartphone that gets a direct entry into any best-of lists.

KXD K10 Gallery

KXD K10 Gallery KXD K10 Gallery
KXD K10 Gallery KXD K10 Gallery
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