KXD mobile phone

After years of efforts, KXD Group has won the recognition and support of the broad channels by virtue of its product characteristics that lead the market and the stable product quality. In order to improve hardware technology and software solutions, it has successively cooperated with world-renowned chip developers such as Tsinghua Exhibitions, Qualcomm and UK-based wolfson. The original technologies for baseband, RF and software of all projects have come from Texas Instruments, MTK China and ADL UK, etc.

KXD mobile phone

KXD reached a strategic alliance with MTK and SPREADTRUM and other core solutions to optimize its product solutions and strictly control product stability. The products are strictly quality controlled in the aspects of raw material procurement, production, testing, sales and after-sales service in compliance with IOS9001-2008 quality management system to ensure product quality.

KXD has gone through 10 years of development: In 2008, KXD entered its rapid development process and developed a dinosaur series, a Great Wall series and a mini series with video playback and audio playback which were recognized by market and occupied 10% Indian market and 15% African market. In 2009, the high-technology “mini-mini” series was launched overseas and were sold 280 million units in overseas market. In 2012, KXD occupied and focused on overseas markets. The products were sold to more than 60 countries in Africa, Europe and South America and achieved outstanding results in the African market. In 2014, KXD fully invested in the development of overseas markets and conducted in-depth operations in more than 120 countries(originally be over 60 countries) to build its international brand image. In 2015, it launched two major brands, KE XIN DA and ELONG, to create diversified brands and develop smart end products. By July 2016, KXD Guizhou production plant which took 2 years for construction was completed with a construction area of 200,000 square meters. Production started in September. At the beginning of 2017, KXD proudly launched the military-grade three-proofs mobile phone “EL” and “KXD” smart phones in overseas market. In 2018, it will integrate RMB 8 billion to strengthen its international brand. It plans to sell more than one million units per month and achieve an annual revenue of more than RMB 10 billion.

The success of the smart phones of dinosaur series, Great Wall series and mini series invited KXD to see the huge space and inclusiveness of the overseas market. As long as the product quality is good enough and the cost performance is high enough, plus a successful sales team, it is with no doubt that overseas consumers will pay for it; at the same time, KXD began to adjust product R&D schemes, organize sales teams in overseas markets and focus on researching and developing high-quality smart products that were most suitable for overseas consumers. To ensure 100% qualification rate in customers end, every mobile will be inspected at least three times within factory before shipping. In order to better protect its own brand patents, KXD applied for more than 300 technology patents and mobile appearance patents (now increases by 500 items per year), obtained ISO9000 certification and was awarded “Shenzhen outstanding software industry” and “Hot 100 Software Organization in Shenzhen” successively. It ranks among the forefront of state-level high-tech enterprises.

In terms of quality, “KXD” brand has established stringent quality standards and an industry-leading quality management system. In the entire process of product quality control, there are more than 200 quality control personnel who have fully tested on more than 100 items. With strong quality assurance system and experienced quality control team, all-round quality assurance for its brands can be guaranteed and it can deliver products with world-class standards to partners and end users. Now KXD has passed multiple certifications including ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, CCC Certification and more than 100 overseas product certifications such as CE, FCC, GMS, BQB, ROHS, MSDS, VOC, PVOC, FAC, EAC and IEC6133, etc. The quality is perfectly ensured!

KXD mobile phone

KXD said that it will follow “The Belt and Road” initiative of Chinese government and the customer-driven philosophy to provide consumers with more reliable “KXD” brand mobile phones which can bring you the best user experience in the next few years. It aims to achieve deep collaborative cooperation in the upstream and downstream and create a unique comprehensive competitive advantage which can bring a win-win situation. It will continue to concentrate on products manufacturing, take a professional brand line and return to the nature of business in which profits are made via quality products.

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