In KXD, we believe that high quality smartphones with the latest technology should be accessible to everyone. As a large-scale professional manufacturer which integrates R&D, parts production and assembly, as well as OEM/ODM services, our designers and engineers incorporate the feedback of our customers into our product development.

KXD OS, the core software experience for KXD smartphones, for example, reflects our years of research into the interaction between human and software. Our system is always up-to-date with useful features keep coming and loved by our customers around the globe. RawColor technology is a perfect combination of hardware and software which offers crisp and sharp images while reducing eye-strains with hardware tuning and software optimization. We are also proud to have NanoEdge technology which is co-developed with display manufacturers to minimize the border of our smartphones adopting latest COF LCDs.

Above are just a few of our technologies that made accessible to everyone. Stay tuned if you want more information about our latest tech!

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