KXD Smartphone Joined the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 Barcelona
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March 4,2024

KXD, a popular entry-level mobile phone brand for young consumers, made a resounding impact at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona, the world's largest and most influential mobile field events. As a forward-thinking and innovative leader in the mobile industry. KXD joined this Congress almost every year.

KXD captivated MWC attendees with its groundbreaking innovations, including the highly acclaimed KXD A09, A10,A11, and the up coming KXD 13C,A15,A16. These pioneering and budget-friendly new cellphones propelled KXD to the forefront of the MWC 2024 media exhibition, garnering accolades and making it a sought-after destination for renowned international organizations and media outlets.

Among KXD cellphone's product line, it's tablet EL S-series also garnered significant recognition. These devices were nominated for the MWC Picks Awards and were honored with the "Best of 2023" award by the committee member. Additionally, the  KXD A09 was acclaimed as the “mobile star” by the leading tech media from middle east。



Shenzhen KXD Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “KXD Group”) was established in May 2007 with 20 million RMB registered capital. The fixed and investment assets are more than 500 million RMB. It’s a national High-tech Enterprise which is specialized in mobile communications Products and Mobile Intelligent Terminal Products development, production and sales all in one. We are committed to become the most professional and most influential international national communications enterprises.


After over10 year’s rapid development, facing the globalization of “made in China” products, KXD successfully reinvented the management strategy, strengthen internal management, establish modern enterprise management mechanism and brand operating system. We’re based in China, expanding around the world to create a diversified international brand.