KXD W51 Smartphone

If you’re looking for the best cheap mobile phone, you’ve come to the right place, we will teach you “How to choose a best budget smartphone? ! KXD Mobile behind a series of high quality budget smartphones, has announced its upcoming 2019 model, KXD W51, aiming at bringing 18:9 full screen display for everyone. The features and user experience it packs seems very tempting. Here is why.

18:9 full screen display.

kxd w51 full screen dispaly

The KXD W51 features a class-leading 5.0-inch full screen IPS display with 18:9 aspect ratio so you can see everything wider and clearer. The resolution is 960×480 which will definitely subvert your imagination for entry-level. Its sharp, crisp, and vibrant images deliver a visual experience that stays ahead of the competition. What’s more, the display is powered by KXD’s RawColor display enhancement technology that brings true-to-life colors.

Smooth experience.

KXD W51 Smartphone Specs

With a fast and efficient quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, the KXD W51 delivers a smooth experience for everyday use. Experience the latest Android with your KXD W51! It is quicker, lighter and lasts longer.

Comfortable design.

kxd w51 designOn the outside, KXD W51 has a smooth texture on the back which offers a great grip and a minimalist look. With the rounded corners, beautiful curves and 2.5D glass, KXD W51 offers great hand-feel with its comfortable design.

Soft light selfies.

kxd w51 Soft light selfies

KXD W51 has a 2MP front camera with a soft light front LED flash, and has software features including live beauty selfie and selfie countdown timer. Prepare to get astonished by your soft light selfies.

High quality rear camera.

kxd w51 camera

KXD W51 features a 2MP rear camera with F2.2 large aperture and 4P lens, and has software features including panorama, burst mode, and live filters, making every photo like professional photography.

All-day battery.

kxd w51 battery

With a high capacity 2000mAh battery and our own battery saving technology, the KXD W51 can last a full day of use without charging. What’s more, it is removable which adds to its versatility

Amazing sound.

kxd w51 sound box

Last but not least, the audio experience of the KXD W51 is simply great. It not only has a bigger sound box, but also has a better amplifier. The output is not just loud, but also crystal clear.

The KXD W51 will hit the shelves very soon, please stay tuned and visit KXD Mobile official website kxdmobiles.com for more information!

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